“I have managed multiple composting operations on the West Coast. Rich Flammer has been a valuable resource in helping to problem solve at many of the sites I’ve been in charge of. His operational background is unique, in that he has real hands-on experiences to pull from. He has helped with Recology’s composting facilities in Oregon and throughout California. His experience in odor minimization has been an asset and we’ve implemented many of his techniques.”
— Greg Pryor, General Manager, Recology Hay Road, Vacaville, California
“Rich has been a part of our operation for over 12 years now. So many consultants like to tell you what to do, but they have never actually made a living doing it themselves. Rich can do it, and I appreciated the fact that he actually started out managing compost facilities of his own earlier in his career. Through Rich’s own experiences, and through his many years of consulting, he has built quite a base of knowledge and network of connections that we have been blessed to be able to tap into.

He is an easy to get along with kind of guy, meaning he can work with and command the attention of everyone on the site, from the managers at the top, to the yard personal working as laborers and equipment operators. He is very approachable and always available. I do not hesitate to call him on a Friday night or a Sunday morning if I have an idea to bounce past him or something is bothering me about the operation.

Additionally, he is a literary giant, and we utilize him for everything from writing permits and grant proposals to developing advertising campaigns. With nearly 30 years in the composting industry, we wish him another 30 years of continued success.”
— Frank Konyn, President, San Pasqual Valley Soils, San Diego, California
“Rich has been a mentor to me and a tremendous resource for Food2Soil from very early on. Hidden Resources offers the complete consulting package for any organics recycling program whether it is at a community or commercial scale.

Not only does Rich have a solid grasp of composting processes and technologies; but he is also well versed in state and local regulations, designing educational and outreach materials as well as market strategies for selling the finished products. Rich is the type of consultant who will raise the bar high on the process and product and will work as hard as you to achieve it. Organics is a hot button issue for our times and things don’t always sail smoothly on the regulatory and logistical front. But Rich is able to keep things moving with his personable style and great sense of humor.

Community composters in urban areas face many challenges and uncertainties and it is a blessing to have someone who takes an interest in your work and vision as a mentor and advisor.”
— Sarah Boltwala-Mesina, Executive Director, Inika Small Earth, Food2Soil program developer, San Diego, California
“Hidden Resources helped us develop a very successful onsite composting program, and used a very creative, hands-on approach to getting it designed and up and running. I can’t imagine working with a better composting consultant. Rich clearly knows the ins and outs of managing composting programs as well as anyone in the business.”
— Del Fitchett, Landscape Superintendent, Bishop Ranch, A Sunset Development Project, San Ramon, California
“The signs provide so much good information presented in a clever, engaging way! I really enjoy working with you - always responsive, honest, outstanding concepts, enthusiastic about our mutual work!!! Your grasp of what we were trying to do and your skills as an designer, author and all round environmentalist just made the display!!!!! You did a great job! The signs look terrific!!! We would enjoy seeing your work spread in other communities. Thank you!”
— Kathryn Goddard, President, Board of Directors, Friends of Shipley Nature Center, Huntington Beach, California
“As both a member of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Council of Stamford and a staff member of the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, I would like to thank you for providing such a comprehensive composting demonstration exhibit.”
— Patricia Standaert, Assistant Director of Education, Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Stamford, Connecticut
“Last April, I asked you to review a script for the home composting video that I was working on. Well, it is finally finished , and just in time for this autumn’s leaf season! Thank you for the time and thought you put into your comments, for providing filming locations and composting tools, and for making personal appearances in the video. The CT DEP is distributing copies to 206 public libraries, 12 recycling regions, 9 cooperative extension offices, and will make the program available to all public service and local access cable TV stations.”
— K.C. Alexander, Organics Recycling Specialist, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Hartford, Connecticut