Do you need help making your composting operation more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable?

Every composting operation has its own set of variables... climate, budget, feedstocks, end product markets, regulatory requirements and sensitivity to neighbors, to name a few. And every facility operator has areas they're proficient in, as well as those they could use some help with.

That's where Hidden Resources come in!

We are a small consulting firm located in San Diego, California, dedicated to providing professional, personalized service to help you achieve your sustainable composting goals. 

We can help you maximize the value of your feedstocks and profitability of your composting venture, whether it's already operating or still on the back of a napkin. Compostable materials - often discarded, mismanaged, overlooked and underutilized - have tremendous value to soils, plants and commerce. They are truly Hidden Resources, and we can help you maximize their potential. 

We Have Decades of Experience

 We have decades of hands-on composting facility management experience and a deep understanding of the composting process. We know how to produce and market a quality product. We also know the tricky ins and outs of permitting and regulatory compliance as well as the public relations required to keep you in good standing with neighbors and your local community. 


We Offer a Diverse Range of Services

At Hidden Resources, we focus on the sustainable, profitable management of compostable materials. Whether your composting operation is large or small, we have the experience and expertise to help you attain your goals. We've worked on facilities that process as much as 1,200 tons per day, and on community-scale, decentralized programs that facilitate source reduction, food donation and onsite composting. 

We offer design and development services for new facilities, facility expansion and equipment selection. Our consultants provide training to facility operators on best practices for odor minimization and facility remediation. We can help you navigate the permitting process and path to regulatory compliance. We can also help you optimize your facility’s operating efficiency, and finished product marketing. 

Our consulting services include public relations, education, training, time and motion studies, surveys, business development, OMRI listing and product advertising campaigns. 

Visit our Services page for a complete list, or click on an icon below. Thanks for visiting us!

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