Business Growth & Development

  • Public relations

Composting often gets a bad rap. One poorly managed site can infect an entire region, and media headlines focusing on odor and fire issues at a compost facility can taint public opinion of these operations and impede siting and development prospects for others. Neighbors require courting and an understanding of the benefits of composting. Negative perceptions can be turned around but it takes a carefully orchestrated outreach plan, knowledge of the composting process and followthrough on promises of a professionally managed facility. Contact us for assistance in this area, our success stories, and an explanation of how carefully thought-out public relations campaigns can save and/or make or break a facility's viability. 


  • Finished product marketing, branding and new product development

A furniture manufacturer doesn't receive random loads of lumber and cloth and then try to figure out how to make couches and chairs out of it, but this is commonly the thinking composting facility operators have. This waste management, front end thinking approach often leads to the downfall of composting businesses as it leads to capacity issues, odor problems and a substantial volume of compostable material sitting on the ground. Tipping fees can account for operating costs and profits, but finished product marketing and outlets as an afterthought can quickly lead to the demise of a composting venture. Outbound product sales should be commensurate with inbounds tons, regardless of how expansive your facility's acreage is. And sales success is corollary to well thought out marketing plans. What you pay for a consultant like Hidden Resources to help in this area is nominal when compared to the cost of dealing with regulatory fines, capacity challenges, and the prospect of losing your investment if the facility shuts down. 


  • Capacity expansion

Hidden Resources can help maximize your throughput and profitability implementing numerous techniques and operational modifications, developed over decades of managing and consulting for large-scale composting facilities. Give us a call to discuss how we can make this happen.