Operational Efficiency • Odor Minimization

  • Capacity maximization

Our hands-on operational experience allows us to formulate modifications to your system - no matter which one you're using - to increase throughput and maximize utilization of the space your facility occupies. 

  • Feedstock management and recipe mix formulation   

Hidden Resources can help you evolve from a front end, tipping fee-based business model to one that is mindful of end product markets and formulating recipe mixes that best meet their demands. 

  • Contaminant minimization

Over the years, Hidden Resources has developed various strategies and operational methods designed to reduce contamination at the source as well as address it onsite, once material has been received. California has passed regulations related to contaminant restrictions, and we can help you meet these requirements. We can also help with product quality concerns and contamination minimization in any state or location that you are managing a facility designed to produce marketable compost and mulch.

  • Improved processing efficiency

A profitable composting venture is an efficiently managed one, and there are many ways to minimize expense while producing high quality end products and ensuring regulatory compliance. Nearly three decades of operational experience give Hidden Resources a solid foundation for assisting in this area. 

  • Odor remediation/minimization

Odor minimization is critical to the prolonged success of a composting facility, and unfortunately, one of the primary downfalls of those that fail. Drawing from decades of remediation work and odor mitigation projects, Hidden Resources has helped a multitude of sites remain in compliance and improved standing with neighbors. We're experts in odor mitigation strategies, and have a solid background in the public relations work required to supplement operational modifications necessary to control odors. 

  • Staff training

Hidden Resources has conducted numerous staff training sessions on odor minimization, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, the biology of composting, contaminant minimization, water use efficiency, finished product quality, marketing, and many other customized classes. 

  • Time and motion studies

Maximize your facility's efficiency by hiring us to study your operational processes and protocols. We will conduct a complete review of your facility and make recommendations that you can implement to optimize your facility’s output and efficiency.