When you hire us, you add an expert to your team.

Here's a snapshot of the experience of Hidden Resources' Principal, Rich Flammer:

✔  28+ years of extensive hands-on composting experience in nine U.S. states and Mexico, beginning his career working on compost sites as a monitoring technician, project manager and facility operator 

✔ Has assisted more than 80 large-scale composting facilities with design, permitting, regulatory compliance, process monitoring, recipe mix formulation, operational efficiency evaluation, odor mitigation/remediation, contamination minimization, capacity maximization, finished product marketing, staff training and public relations

✔ Designed three permanent home composting exhibits, appeared in two instructional videos, has written instructional manuals, promotional materials, editorial pieces, gives lectures and conducts workshops on a regular basis, and is Contributing Editor of the BioCycle Journal of Composting and Organics Recycling

✔ Has worked on public policy formation, rulemaking development for state composting regulation, composting technology assessment and development, and conducted seven regional studies evaluating 58 individual municipal composting programs.

And a few of the places our team has developed or managed projects:


Facility Design and Management

• San Diego, California
• Stamford, Connecticut (three composting facilities)
• Darien, Connecticut
• Hamden, Connecticut
• Wallingford, Connecticut
• West Haven, Connecticut
• Wolcott, Connecticut
• Clarkstown, New York
• Rye, New York

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Operational Assistance

• Northern California (10 facilities for 8 clients)
• San Diego, California (5 facilities for 5 clients)
• Woodbine, Maryland
• Vincentown, New Jersey
• North Plains, Oregon
• Tijuana and La Presa, BC, Mexico
• San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Odor Mitigation

• San Francisco, California
• San Diego, California
• Vacaville, California
• Joliet, Illinois
• North Plains, Oregon
• City of Ladue, Missouri
• New Rochelle, New York


Permitting/Regulatory Compliance

• Sunol, California
• Coachella, California
• San Ramon, California
• Manasquan, New Jersey
• La Presa, BC, Mexico
• San Diego California (3 facilities)
• Easton, Connecticut

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Staff Training & Education

• San Ramon, California
• Stamford, Connecticut
• San Diego, California
• Vacaville, California
• Gilroy, California
• Tecate, BC, Mexico
• Big Island, Hawaii

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Demonstration Exhibits

• Stamford, Connecticut
• Huntington Beach, California
• Chula Vista, California
• Raleigh, North Carolina