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Permitting and Regulatory Compliance


  • Permit applications

Hidden Resources has helped facilities acquire permits in six US states and Mexico. Each location has its own set of rules and regulations, and understanding the nuances and gray areas prior to submitting applications can have a profound impact on the proposed facility's level of regulatory compliance and success. Understanding the realities of managing a composting operation through firsthand experience goes a long way. There is a critical distinction between simply filling out forms and strategically marrying  budgetary and operational dynamics with regulatory requirements. 

  • Stormwater and air emission compliance

Managing compliance with water and air boards can be a daunting task, given all of the other demands, both regulatory and operational, of running a composting facility. Hidden Resources can help you navigate the rules and maintain your compliance status. 

  • Help navigating zoning and local land use rules

Unless you have an unlimited budget, what you choose to do and where you decide to do it is going to be dictated by the zoning and land use rules associated with the property you're looking at to develop into composting facility. Some states, such as California, Ohio and Oregon, have very well-developed composting regulations. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for local jurisdictions, and Hidden Resources has studied, under contract, the vast majority throughout the United States. This is the starting point for any new compost facility development, and one we can assist with as an integral component of the permitting process. 

  • Record keeping and regulatory compliance reporting

Not all states have these requirements, but for the ones that do, Hidden Resources can help you develop the protocol and forms to comply in the simplest, most efficient manner. 

Hidden Resources can provide you with an iPad and app to convert your monitoring to a paperless format. As detailed in the link above, it is customizable to whatever needs you have, not subscription based, and works in any area, however remote, without a cellular or WiFi connection.