• Signs and demonstration exhibits

The Hidden Resources team has developed four functional, educational demonstrations sites and signage for a multitude of applications that help visitors and trainees understand the benefits and intricacies of composting management. With a professional team of writers, graphic designers and composting experts, we create demonstration exhibits that stand out, educate, and function well for organic materials diversion and composting.


  • Workshops and training

While being specialists in large-scale composting, we support and value the power of community-scale and decentralized efforts, and frequently give talks and workshops on source reduction, food donation, small-scale diversion and organics processing programs. Ask about our reduced rates for non-profits and community-based program assistance. 


  • Educational programs and guides

Hidden Resources has conducted a various educational programs, written master composting manuals, and numerous other handouts and guides on composting, sustainability, toxic free landscaping and gardening, and sound resource management.

With a thorough understanding of the importance of sustainability and composting, we have the resources to develop educational programs and instructional guides that pack a punch to reach targeted audiences, especially those on the fence or unaware of the myriad benefits of composting and proper resource management.